About Us

What started as a passion turned into good friends creating an international community.

This is a New Wave of thinking. A New Wave of business. A New Wave of living.


Ellis Mae

Ellis has two main passions in life: health + wellness and travelling. After years of globe trotting, she discovered a way to live a life of location, time and financial freedom. Ellis' burning desire to help others achieve this level of freedom lead to her building her own business and becoming a certified life coach. She loves helping people meet their physical, mental and financial goals.

Aaron Chapplain

Aaron is a former competitive national and international figure skater, he has traveled the world performing in ice shows which developed his love for travel, health and helping individuals.   Aaron is a certified life coach and has found a way to continue living a life of travel at his own pace by helping individuals achieve personal and financial success.
Tyne Robinson

Tyne struggled with her health her entire life. She spent years desperately searching for a solution to her stomach issues and despite seeing doctors, changing her diet and her lifestyle, nothing changed. She decided to give our nutrition a try and after three days of consuming it, she felt better than she had her whole entire life- all her pain was gone. She joined our executive team and became a certified life coach. Being apart of this business gives her the freedom to travel to places she previously only dreamed of. Tyne loves to help others with their health goals while sharing the incredible financial opportunity.

Leah Probst

Leah is an artist with a passion for health and helping people realize their potential – physically and financially. Leah specializes in teaching beneficial productivity, strategies, and online business building techniques which all answer one key question – how do I design the life of my dreams? 
Herself and the New Wave team work together to mentor those interested in the New Wave financial opportunity by sharing real world techniques to ensure they succeed and gain a life of freedom through residual income.

Arthur Ebel

Arthur is a personal trainer, an ice skating coach as well as a performer. He now coaches young ice skaters to be in their best shape possible in order to perform at their best on the ice. He is incredibly excited and honoured to be a part of the New Wave team to bring challenging and interesting work outs for everyone.

Hannah Chapplain

Hannah is a yoga instructor who believes a big part of finding personal health is to integrate breath and mindfulness into a physical practice. With a passion for self awareness and personal expansion, Hannah’s classes will bring physical challenge and self development together. She offers Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin classes through the New Wave Program.